La Petite Ourse (LPO) means baby bear or cub in French and it is also the name of the Little Dipper constellation.

Hence, throughout our store, you will find a bit of both worlds.

We truly hope you find everything you are looking  ;-)



The LPO Team



Are you looking to find affordable AND reliable cloth diapers? LPO Cloth Diapers is proud to offer you the lowest possible prices, while ensuring high quality diapers. Our diapers come with a two year warantee! Our products are also accompanied by free custumer support and we remain available to answer the many questions you may have to give you the best cloth diaper experience possible. Let us help make your experience fun and affordable!


LPO Cloth Diapers is an on-line store, yet we have more than 40 brick and mortar stores that now carry our products. To see which store is closest to you, visit our 'CONTACT US' section at the bottom of this page.


LPO Cloth Diapers offers a large variety of pocket and All in 2 cloth diapers as well as the necessary accessories needed to help you make the jump into the world of cloth diapers! Browse through our on-line store often to find out about our ongoing promotions, our newest and ever growing diaper patterns and our varied products that may suit your needs as a new or soon-to-be parent.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, view our on-line store and send us your comments and feedback. Without a doubt, the new generation of cloth diapers are a great solution, practical and adorable!


Dave and Agathe,

La Petite Ourse


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