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Our All in 2 diaper comes with 2 bamboo inserts. It allows a greater fit around baby's legs by adjusting the buttoned elastics situated inside the diaper.    

The snaps at the back of the diaper allow for one insert to be snapped in place. If or when needed, the second insert can simply be placed behind the snapped insert to act as a booster. Our All in 2 diaper is easy to use, thinner and designed to be pretty!


  • Use 1 or 2 inserts depending on the absorption needed.

  • Snap inserts by using the male snaps found at the back of the diaper (white polyester facing up).

  • The second insert can be placed on or under the snapped insert (white polyester facing up).  

  • Adjust the diaper size by stretching the elastics found inside the legs of the diaper and setting it to the desired length by using the button in place for this purpose.


  • The All in 2 diaper can be combined with our disposable inserts as a solution for trips, camping and outings.

  • Our two bamboo inserts have a stay-dry feel due to the white suede cloth located at the surface of insert.

  • When changing a diaper, you may choose to change only the inserts or you can change the entire diaper.

Sizes : 8- 35 lbs *Kindly note that our All-in-2 diaper fits babies best as of 6 months and older.

Diaper/outer shell : 100% polyester

Inserts: 70% bamboo 30% polyester

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