Become a Retailer

Why become a retailer?


Offer your clients an affordable choice! More and more familes are turning towards economical cloth diapers. Thousands of familes accross Canada already use our diapers and our ever growing clientele can attest to our product's quality and our comapany's reliability. Many of our clients would like to view our products and therefore we refer them to our retailers.

With more than 10 000 unique visitors per month, our website definitely directs traffic towards our retailer's web sites and stores.

By choosing to become a retailer, we will add you to our list of retailers, adding your logo, store hours and address to our web site.


 How to become a retailer:

 Create a regular client account with your store name on our on-line store.

Send us an e-mail ( with your logo and information, indicating your desire to view our price list and become a retailer.

Within 24 hours you will be granted access to all of the information you need to make your first order! 


Click here to create an account today!




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