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How many diapers should I buy?

As parents change newborn babies an average of 7 to 8 times per day, a usual cloth diaper kit would vary between 20 and of 25 diapers for this early stage. After the newborn phase, the child's diaper is changed less frequently and therefore approximately 20 diapers would be needed to offer a 3-day autonomy/cleaning cycle.


Why are your prices so low compared to other diapers? 

Making cloth diapers as accessible as possible has always been our small business's main objective. We worked hard to find the perfect product at the perfect price for a long time before we could officially start this company. We found the perfect supplier in China and are very proud of our diaper quality (hence the 2 year warranty) .  Our prices are very competitive due to the fact that there is no intermediary between the manufacturer and us. In addition, we put very little money on advertising and prefer to give our customers a great experience and leave our product speak for itself!


How do you wash cloth diapers?

It is recommended to wash the inserts up to 3 times before first use, allowing the fabric to have a better absorption and to get rid of extra fabric components that could have been left in the diaper during manufacturing.

After use:

As our cloth diaper has two openings, it is not necessary to remove the inserts before washing the diapers. Simply place the soiled diapers in a pale, wet bag or other container determined for this purpose.


Use detergents that do not contain any fabric softener. This will help keep the absorbent layer working to it's full potential! Ideally, start your wash cycle with a soak and rinse before adding the soap to the washing cycle. 



Inserts may be air dried of machine dried. It is recommended to place the inserts outside during sunny days! This not only reduces your electricity bill, but the sun is also an excellent whitening and antibacterial agent.

The diaper itself should not be placed in the dryer more than once a month. Otherwise, it would damage the inner lamination of the polyester and potentially lose its effectiveness.


Does my city offer offer any grants/subsidies for cloth diaper purchases?

The best way to verify if there is a cloth diaper subsidy in your municipality is to contact your municipality directly or visit their website. They will inform you of any existing subsidies and inform you if there are still funds available on this project budget.

You can also check via the following website (FRENCH ONLY) http://www.subventioncoucheslavables.com/ 

which offers a list of cities offering subsidies as well as specific allowances per family.