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La Petite Ourse was created during my first maternity leave. I had been searching for affordable cloth diapers and soon realized that quality and affordability did not always match up. For that reason, I created La Petite Ourse for myself, and for others, having as a mission to make quality cloth diapers affordable to everyone. After several months of legwork, research and testing, I found a way to have cloth diapers made according to my criteria by collaborating with a chinese manufacturer.

Buy using our diapers with our own two sons, I can assure our clients of our cloth diaper’s quality by offering a two year warranty. My experience also allows me to offer you ideas and support throughout your own experiences.

La Petite Ourse truly cares about making cloth diapers accessible to as many as possible. By offering competitve prices, we strive to help countless families save thousands of dollars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is with pleasure that we will take the time to answer all of your questions!

E-mail:  info@lapetiteourse.ca

E-mail for orders: orders@lapetiteourse.ca 

Phone or text: (438) 868.0603

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