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Raspberry (Large) - FINAL SALE

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Taille: 24 x 15 cm
Composition: 100% coton


Size: 24 X 15 cm

Reusable and washable face mask made of 3 layers of cotton, with a pocket allowing to add a filter. Adjust well the mask with the plastic adjusters behind the ears to fit the shape of your face. A metal bar at the nose allows a better adjustment, especially to prevent fogging in glasses. Suitable for adults. 

Wash before the first use.

This mask is not medical grade.

100% cotton


Here are the recommendations from Health Canada on wearing a face mask: 

Wash your hands before use.
Start by washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

Use the elastics to place mask over nose and mouth, and secure it.
Pick up the mask by the elastics, place it over your nose and mouth, and secure it behind your ears.

Adjust mask if needed.
From there, adjust the mask to ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered, so there are no gaps. Then wash your hands again.

Avoid touching the mask.
While wearing the mask, avoid touching it or touching your face. And wash your hands if you do.

Remove using the elastics.
Once you’re done using the mask, remove it by the elastics without touching the front.

Fold and place inside a clean bag.
Fold the outer parts of the mask together, and place it in a clean bag to wash later. Then wash your hands right away.

Change if moist, dirty or damaged.
Change your mask whenever it becomes moist, dirty or damaged.

Don’t hang from your neck or ears.
Don’t leave the mask hanging from your neck or ears.

Wash your hands after use.
And remember: always wash your hands after using a mask.

Source: Government of Canada, COVID-19: How to wear a non-medical mask or face covering properly,, June 15, 2020

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Raspberry (Large) - FINAL SALE

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bonne qualité

Bonne qualité, doux. Fait quand même pour un petit visage!

Monique Belleau

Il n’y a pas suffisamment d’amplitude et donc de tissus entre le nez et le menton.

Tres bonne qualité

Tissue de très bonne qualité. La couche intérieure blanche est douce. Les elastiques sont réglables ce qui aide beaucoup pour ne pas tirer sur les oreilles. Il y a une languette pliable pour serrer autour du nez. C'est le meilleur masque lavable que j'ai pu trouver sur le marché et a un prix abordable.

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