Do you have any questions before you make your purchase? This section should be able to help you! If you prefer to speak to us, write to us or text us do not hesitate! It’s always nice to talk to you. We will respond quickly with great pleasure.


How many coats should I buy?

Considering that a newborn will be changed about 7 to 8 times of diaper per day, an average of 20 to 25 washable diapers is recommended for a newborn baby. Then, growing up, the child needs to be less often changed and, about 20 layers are then sufficient.

Where do your diapers come from?

We are dealing with a supplier in China that we went to met in October 2016. We are proud to work with these passionate people who work extremely well and in which we fully trust. We have (thanks to your help) made make changes over time. Our diapers were first tested and approved by my two boys. And think again, even though our diapers are made in China, there are several levels of quality and we have ensured that we offer you the best. Don’t bother if you have any questions, we will be happy to share our experience in China!

How do you get such low prices?

Making the washable diapers as accessible as possible is the first goal we have set ourselves by building our business. At this price, it is not me who makes them! Our very competitive prices are due to the fact that there is no intermediary between our supplier, based in China, and us. In addition, we put very little money on advertising and rely more on word of mouth.

By combining your purchase of diapers with most municipal grants, La Petite ourse allows you to equip yourself for a very reasonable price. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, or contact your municipality to find out if there is a grant in effect.

I already have my diapers, where do I start?

1-wash diapers

Washing the layers (layers and inserts) first allows to get rid of sewing wires. Afterwards, you can wash the inserts 2 more times (drying between each wash) to make them more absorbent.


Using a good detergent will make all the difference in the use of your washable diapers. Your SOAP should not contain fabric softener. In addition, the quantity that must be used must correspond mostly to the maximum amount of SOAP recommended. Also, do not use baby detergent that is not concentrated enough to properly wash diapers.

3-find a good storage system

Dirty diapers can be placed in a seal (dry) or in a bag for soiled diapers. It is important not to rinse the layers before Storer and if you need to rinse, then extend your washable diaper or wash within 24 hours. A good layer storage system should not leave any odor.

I would like to see your products before placing an order, is it possible?

Unfortunately we do not have a shop on the street. Our very competitive prices as well as our satisfied clientele are our strengths. If you are unsure if you want to buy a complete set of washable diapers, we suggest you purchase our test kit. You will be able to try our diapers and let you convince! We have nearly 50 shops that hold our products. Click here to find the shop closest to you.

How do you wash washable diapers?

It is recommended to wash and dry the inserts up to 2-3 times before their first use, this allows the fabric to have maximum absorption and to get rid of the sewing threads that would have bonded to the manufacture. The more the inserts are washed, the more absorbent they will be (up to a certain degree, of course!) You can watch our maintenance section for more information.


Tightly close the Velcro on their flap and place the layers in a dustbin for soiled diapers or in a bag provided for this purpose. Note that it is not necessary to remove the inserts before washing them, they will come out of themselves thanks to our two openings (a must!). Do not soak the diapers, they must be kept dry.


Use a SOAP that does not contain fabric softener. Also, do not use baby detergent that is not concentrated enough to properly wash diapers. A good washing routine will help to keep the power absorbing from the inserts.

Rinse with cold water before washing cycle and wash in warm or warm water according to your preferences.


The inserts can go to the dryer without any problem. You can also put the layer in it by taking care not to manipulate the layers when they are hot. This step allows you to tighten the wires and “recant” the polyurethane that covers your outer fabric (waterproof membrane). We advise you to alternate the dryer and the drying in the Sun for two reasons:

1-the Sun is a very good whitening

2-Sun also has antibacterial properties

How do you use diapers?

All the diapers we sell are exclusively pocket-sized. This means that you have to place the insert inside it. You can choose to insert 1 or 2 inserts, depending on your baby’s needs. As you may have noticed, each of our washable diapers has 2 openings to place the inserts. It may seem trivial, but this second opening is very convenient; It allows you to put the entire layer in the washer without having to remove the inserts. These two openings will ensure that the insert is released during washing. Another manipulation less!

1. two openings to put the Insert with more ease and no need to remove it before washing!

2. double elastic along the thighs for better sealing.

Can I use your washable diapers at night?

It is possible to use the washable diapers “La Petite ourse” during the night. All you will need is our insert provided for this purpose. Our evolutionary night insert is quite absorbent so you can use the same layers by simply changing the insert inside. You can purchase this insert at a cost of $9.25 each. The expandable insert is made of two inserts that can be fastened together using snap buttons. to buy

Does my municipality offer a grant?

To find out if your municipality offers a grant for the purchase of washable diapers, you can click on this link: https://www.subventioncoucheslavables.com/ note that this site is not exhaustive. I advise you to check directly with your municipality or check the website of your city since some subsidies have been increased, added or withdrawn.

What to do if my diapers flow?

There are a number of reasons for leaks. Here are some tracks that can help you solve the problem.


First of all, make sure you use a good SOAP, in good quantity. Put a SOAP that contains the softening little reduce the absorption of the layer.

After a certain period of use, the layers may have been clogged with residues found in the water even though you have made good use of them.

In the two previous cases, it is recommended to wash the diapers in warm water without putting SOAP until you no longer see bubbles during the brewing cycle. You can also use the Funk rock which is very useful also to put the diapers to new!


Sometimes we change the size of our diapers thinking that baby has grown. Then monitor if this change causes you more leaks. Your adjustment may not be “just”.


A layer bottom sheet that protrudes between the thighs can make sure to wet the baby’s clothes.


Most leaks happen while baby is sitting or compressed in her car seat. If you know that you have to make the road for a while, make sure to change baby shortly before the exit. You can also add an insert to the layer.


Each of our layers comes with 2 inserts. When baby is small, a little insert is enough, but if the leaks start to be more frequent, it’s time to add a second insert in the diaper!


List of cities offering grants for the purchase of washable diapers (non-exaustive list)