Community Involvement

At La Petite Ourse, it is more than important for us to give back to our community. This is why we support many causes and initiatives, local or international, through financial contributions or product donations. Do you know a project in which we should get involved? Tell us more about it by contacting us here!

Give a 2nd life to your cloth diapers!

La Petite Ourse is proud to join forces with One Diaper Canada, a charity that collects, repairs and distributes cloth diapers to families in need. If you choose to send your defective La Petite Ourse products back to us, you contribute to creating a softer and better world! As a thank you, you will receive a 5% discount code valid on your next order. You simply need to fill out and send this form with your package!


 I want to give a 2nd life to my cloth diapers!

Donation to the Food Banks of Quebec

La Petite Ourse is proud to have raised $500 for the organization Food Banks of Quebec, a donation equivalent to 5% of our food-themed diapers’ sales between October 1 and 28 through our “Let’s Help” campaign.

Thanks to your help, this donation will assist them in their mission throughout the province, especially during these uncertain times when more and more families find themselves facing growing food insecurity. Thank you very much for your support!


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Reusable Face Masks Donation

To improve the safety of people in precarious situations during this difficult period, La Petite Ourse is proud to donate reusable masks to community organizations in Longueuil in order to support them in their mission. Well done and thank you to Hébergement Maison de la Paix and Carrefour pour Elle for their ongoing hard work!


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Initiative in Tanzania

"What a wonderful day! We started our day with a yoga class 🧘🏾‍♀‍ Followed by a lesson about menstruation cycle with a special gift: reusable sanitary pads donated by Bush Knowledge Safaris and LaPetiteOurse.ca!

Thank you so much!"


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Black Lives Matter

Because we are saying NO to racism. Between June 6th and June 10th, we donated 5% of our cloth diapers sales to Black Lives Matter.

With your support, a $1500 donation was made possible to support the @blklivesmatter cause. We will continue to be implicated and educate ourselves about what racism really represents worldwide. Together, we will be stronger. Together, we will be heard.


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N95 Masks

La Petite Ourse is proud to support healthcare professionals by donating 2000 N95 masks (valued at over $5,000) to hospitals and senior centers in the region. Thank you for your support during these challenging times.

A big thank you to Catherine Fournier's team for helping us send these masks to the right places.


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LPO Key Chain

La Petite Ourse is proud to be supporting the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation!

When you purchase this keychain, you are supporting thousands of families who are going through the most difficult moments of their lives. Our eldest son spent quite a long time in the Montreal Children’s Hospital ICU, and we have decided to support the children and families during their struggles through this foundation.

For each keychain sold, we will offer $2.00 to the foundation.

Thank you for your support!


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Réseau québécois d'action pour la santé des femmes (RQASF)

In July of 2020, La Petite Ourse supported a community group advocating for women’s health and hygiene (RQASF) by offering 500 feminine hygiene pads at 25% of the cost to be distributed in local food banks.


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Donation to the student association Féministes en mouvement de l'Université Laval (FEMUL)

In February 2020, LPO offered 50 pairs of feminine hygiene pads for free to a student movement from the Université Laval (FEMUL) promoting healthy, economical and ecological alternatives to help university students.

Mission Haiti

In November 2018, LPO supported women and children in a Haitian village that was created in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince after the 2011 earthquake. This trip enabled not only the ability for La Petite Ourse to offer financial support ($2500) and products ($2000) but also, education in matters of hygiene for babies and moms. Among the gifts were several hundred feminine hygiene pads as well as diapers. By reaching out to our community to support this initiative, we were also able to finance the building of a new single-room home in this community... all for as little as $3000! This was a truly inspiring trip and our hearts have stayed connected with this community ever since.

LPO in the Media

You are a non-profit organization or an influencer and wish to collaborate with us? Please do not hesitate to send us your ideas via our contact form!

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So happy with LPO diapers! The price point is great, prints are adorable, and most importantly, they work! We rarely get leaks, and if we do, its because I need to change the size, or I didn’t put them on properly (flaps need to be tucked in). I also have never had a blowout with LPO, and I have with disposables. I have both pockets and all-in-ones, I personally prefer the all-in-ones. They are a bit slimmer, and absorb a bit more, they do take a bit longer to dry, but dryer balls help! LPO's customer service is great, and they are Canadian! Highly recommend this brand!

- Melissa

They are the best quality cloth diapers I have purchased, and their customer service is phenomenal.

- Katy

I purchased La Petite Ourse diapers as a 'cheapie' backup diaper to fill out my stash. To my absolute surprise and pleasure, these diapers are not at all 'cheap'! They are really well made, super absorbent, trim, affordable, AND adorable! They wash up nicely every single time. They have quickly become our favorite diapers in our stash, and they work for our baby through the day and at night, since he was 10 lb. I would highly recommend everyone interested in cloth diapering try at least one of these diapers before investing in other, more expensive brands. Well done, LPO!

- Hannah

I’ve tried four different cloth diaper brands over the last year and these are by FAR my favourite. I love that you have the option of Velcro or snaps, and the prints are so adorable. These diapers are incredibly well made, wash so well, and the price can’t be beat. If I could go back in time, I would have only bought my cloth diapers from La Petite Ourse, highly recommend!

- Jessica

I've tried at least a dozen different brands of pocket diapers and these are my favourite! Amazing quality and beautiful prints. Thanks LPO for making a great product at a very reasonable price!

- Jackie

Had been using disposable diapers for the entire first year of my child until these beautiful washable diapers caught my attention. I’m very happy and proud that I made the switch sooner than later to save the planet. These diapers are great quality and so easy to clean and use. They look super adorable on my baby too! Love love love!

- Pura