Prints created here, in Canada!

La Petite Ourse is proud to offer diapers and accessories with unique and trendy prints. To achieve it, all prints have been developed and created by our graphic designer for over 4 years.

It is by analysing trends, colours and customer requests that Florence manages to create even more beautiful prints from one collection to another.

As an example, it is thanks to the idea of ​​a client that the Gone Fishing print was born! It is very much important for us to offer prints that will recall the hobbies, colours and favourite interests of our customers!

Here is the creative process to develop a new collection:


• Collecting ideas on social networks thanks to our customers, brainstorming within the team as well as researching trends online;

• Creation of illustrations;

• Gather the illustrations to create a print;

• Creation of collections bringing together different prints using the same colour family.

• Selection and approval of the team;

• Finalisation of the collections: choice of Pantone colour, refinement of the illustrations, printing it to choose the size of the illustrations and choice of the snaps’ colours;

• Validation of samples with the supplier;

• Colour changes if needed.

And Voilà! The creation of a new collection is now complete!

Florence's favourite motifs during their designs:

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