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Insert Trifold:
Composition: 80% bamboo and 20% polyester
Number of layers: 3
Absorption: 15 oz

Microfiber booster:
Composition: 100% microfiber
Number of layers: 3
Absorption: 7.5 oz

Our new trifold was created to help solve the frustrating problem of leaks due to a lack of absorption. This insert come in two parts that can be used separately or combined, depending on your baby’s needs.

Made of 3 layers of 320 gsm bamboo as well as one microfiber booster, our trifold is as practical as absorbant.

Total absorption: 22.5oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Tara Marechal
Great night time insert

This insert worked so well for my baby as she started to sleep through the night.

Amazing for Overnight

We use this trifolds without the microfibre insert and they work amazing for overnight! Baby goes 8-9 hours before changing and we never have leaks.

Marly Sutherland
Works great!

We were using regular trifolds, and our 14-month-old was waking up soaked and cold in the morning. We started using these ones, and they contain leaks very well over night. I find they are a little bit shorter than the ones we normally use (different brand that I bought used over 10 years ago, not sure what company made them), so the first night they weren't quite in the right place, and there was a bit of a leak onto his pajamas, but his bed was dry.

He's 14 months and 26 pounds. I'm not sure if they'll last us until 35 pounds to go along with the diaper covers, but they'll do for now. He also mostly sleeps all night, except when he's teething he wakes up, but it's not due to a wet diaper.

Very absorbent but a commitment

This is one of the most absorbent inserts LPO offers. However, it is a bit of a commitment to use since you have multiple pieces you have to put together and find in the laundry. Also, since it is so absorbent, the thicker part doesn't always dry in the dryer. It is definitely all you need during the night time sleeps though, no leaks! I have to snap my baby's diaper on a smaller setting currently which means this insert has to be folded inside the pocket to fit inside. It is extremely thick, but still fits and baby still seems comfortable. I think it will be a lot better when baby is bigger and we don't have to fold the insert shorter inside the diaper anymore.

Bryanne Mitton
Worked like a charm!

Our 7 month old started leaking through her two bamboo liners on overnights, but these trifold liners worked like a charm and we haven’t had any overnight leaks since!

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