Even more eco-friendly shipping boxes?


As everyone knows, fortunately, cardboard is a material that can be recycled. On the other hand, we can never be completely sure that all the boxes that are distributed end up in recycling and pass the standards during sorting at the recycling center without any problem.

So we looked at the question and asked ourselves how La Petite Ourse could continue to improve its ecological footprint? After developing diapers made from recycled plastic, we wondered what else could be recycled in our production chain to limit the production of waste? This is how we came up with the idea of ​​recycling cardboard boxes dedicated to sending orders. We want to give a second life to the resources we use so that LPO's supply and production chain continues to become more and more circular.

LPO is distributing its products mainly through its online store and must therefore send orders in cardboard boxes. At the online shopping area, we almost all have received an order by mail once. After opening the box, it automatically ends up in the recycling bin while its shape and strength are still intact. These still perfect looking boxes can very well be used again instead of starting the recycling process all over again!

We have developed a partnership with a company dedicated to recycling shipping boxes that are still intact to ensure the quality of the boxes that will be used by La Petite Ourse.

How will you be able to tell the boxes apart?

To help you identify recycled boxes and allow you to easily understand that the package comes from La Petite Ourse, we have developed an adhesive tape that looks like this:

So, even if the box could have the name of another company, be without fear that the parcel does indeed come from La Petite Ourse!

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