Our pool layer will follow your child’s progress. In addition to having a waterproof exterior, it includes 3 layers of bamboo to retain small damage.

La Petite Ourse


13-25 lb
20-35 Ib

La Petite Ourse


La Petite Ourse


with one opening

La Petite Ourse

Inner lining

for minor damage

The perfect hybrid between a swimsuit and a diaper

The swim diaper is as light as a bathing suit! However, the swim diaper differs from a simple swimsuit thanks to its thin insert sewn inside the diaper, allowing small messes to be retained! You can even use them as training pants. Simply add the insert of your choice in the pocket!
La Petite Ourse
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Scalable Size Diaper

The 4 rows of snaps on the front of the diaper allow for a perfect fit.

The 2 sizes available as well as the 2 rows of snap buttons located at the front of the pool layer allow a perfect fit.

- Insert sewn inside 3 layers of bamboo.
- Comfortable and lightweight inner layer fabric..




This item is certified

Free of BPA, phthalates, or lead.

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