Close the velcros on their flaps after use. Place soiled diapers in a laundry basket or an open wet bag for soiled diapers. Wash the diapers every 2-3 days. Do not soak or rinse diapers during this process as they should remain as dry as possible. If you rinse your diapers, you should hang them to air dry and wash them within the following 24 hours.


A good washing routine will help your diapers stay odor-free.

Rinse with cold water
Helps get rid of any residue.

Regular wash cycle
Warm water cycle (40º) Do not put too much water in the washer. The diapers must rub against each other.


1. Does not contain fabric softener.

2. Do not use baby detergent, as it is not concentrated enough to properly wash the diapers.


We recommend using the dryer to dry the inserts, diapers and covers the vast majority of the time. This step tightens the threads and “reseals” the Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) that covers the outer fabric (the waterproof membrane). Be careful not to manipulate them when they are hot and not to overdry them! You can also lay your diapers flat to dry.

If you have any issues with leaks and odours, please refer to our Q&A section!

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