Rinse with cold water after each use. If you cannot rinse them immediately, store them in a mini wet bag intended for this purpose and rinse them as soon as possible. A quick rinse will help you keep the hygiene pads and nursing pads stain-free.


Let them air dry before putting them in a mini wet bag intended for this purpose. You can also soak your hygiene and/or nursing pads in cold water until washing them. Just be sure to wash them immediately afterwards.

Detergent & Drying

You can wash your hygiene and/or nursing pads with any mild detergent that does not contain fabric softener.

You can dry your products in the sun or in the dryer (note that hanging them out in the sun is excellent for preserving their quality in the long term, in addition to the fact that the sun is an excellent whitener known for its antibacterial properties).

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