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Pocket Diaper

Our pocket diaper is definitely the everyday diaper you need.




2 openings *Only in Canada


2 bamboo inserts.
@lpocoucheslavables POCKET DIAPER | Our pocket diaper is undoubtedly the everyday diaper you need. This is the most popular LPO diaper model (and in general across Canada). Not only does the pocket diaper make it easy to adjust the absorbency level, it also comes with 2 bamboo inserts (6.5 oz absorbency each) upon purchase. . . #LaPetiteOurse #LPO #LPOclothdiapers #clothdiaper #clothdiapers #clothnappy #clothnappies #makeclothmainstream #purchasewithpurpose #babymusthaves #sustainablebaby #ecobaby #clothbum #baby #sustainable #babytok #babytiktok #parentsoftiktok #parenting #babyfever #pocketdiaper ♬ son original - La Petite Ourse | Cloth Diaper

Why choose

Snap Pocket Diaper

- The vast majority of parents prefer snap diapers for their durability.
- Adjustment should be made according to the location of the buttons. This can sometimes result in a slightly too tight or too loose fit for a while.

Why choose


- Easy to use (daycare, when going out and especially for the night.)
- Precise and quick adjustment
- If baby starts playing with the velcro... It can cause damage ;)
- Wider, so when baby starts to crawl, the Velcro may be uncomfortable, but this situation resolves itself when baby starts to stand.


Scalable Size Diaper

The 4 rows of snaps on the front of the diaper allow for a perfect fit.


Easy and effective adjustments

- Center snap for easy fit
- The double gusset gives you superior protection against leaks.
- Name tag identification
- The inside of the diaper is made of suede (100% polyester) for an incomparable dry effect.


This item is CPSIA certified.
Free of BPA, phthalates, or lead.
This item is OEKO-TEX certified.
Natural latex elastic

Here’s how to fold back the diaper

Bamboo Insert

4 layers of extra absorbent bamboo

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Pocket Diapers - Snap - LPO ECO - Escargot - LPO ECO
Size: 10-35 lb (scalable size) Cloth diaper composition: 100% polyester Bamboo insert composition: 70% bamboo, 30% polyester Insert absorption (each*): 6.5 oz *Each diaper comes with two bamboo inserts This diaper is from our LPO ECO collection is made with more than two recycled plastic...
From 17.99$
From 17.99$
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