Never buy diapers again!

On this page you’ll find out how and why families are making the shift from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, and never have to buy another diaper again!

How is this possible?

First, here a few facts you should know about diapers in general:
Let’s do some basic Math together: So that’s 6000 diapers, for 500 years for one baby. I’m sure you can’t even picture that for one baby, so can you try for tens of thousands of babies over several decades? All adding up in the landfill??

The Solution!

Bear with us just a bit more:
One cloth diaper stash of 20-24 diapers can easily replace 6000 disposable diapers. One diaper stash can cost as low as 375$ while disposable diapers can cost anywhere from 2500$ to 3500$ depending on the brand you choose! Is this starting to sound more interesting?

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Are you somewhat convinced but would need a bit more info on how to get started?

Still have questions?

Feel free to visit our FAQ section or to reach out to our customer support team! We’d be glad to hear from you!

Want to see what it’s like for yourself?

Step 1: Browse these diapers to find your favourite print!
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