Quantity-based Discounts

Take advantage of our quantity-based discounts to create 100% personalized bundles!

Cloth Diapers

Get 10% off on the purchase of 10 cloth diapers or more Get 15% off the purchase of 20 cloth diapers and more

Choose at least 10 diapers among any of our categories and add them to your cart – voilà! * This promotion only applies for diapers at regular price.

Bamboo Liner Rolls

Get a discount of $.50/rolls with the purchase of 5 or more liner rolls.

When you buy 5 liner rolls or more, a discount of $0.50 will apply on each one of them!

Feminine Hygiene Products

Get 10% off the purchase of 5 pairs of Feminine Hygiene Pads or more.

When buying 5 packs or more, save 10% per pack! Valid on pantiliners, daytime hygiene pads and nighttime hygiene pads at regular price.

Twins Discount Code

Get an additional discount on the purchase of 40+ cloth diapers

Having twins? Double congratulations! Get in touch with us now to receive your unique promotional code!
*This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, quantity discount or clearance product