LPO inserts are now more absorbent than ever!


We are proud to announce that the LPO bamboo inserts are now 44% more absorbent than its previous generation.

After collecting your reviews, we decided to improve the absorption of our inserts! Many told us that they love LPO diapers for their ideal fit for their child or for their unique prints, but some pointed out that the absorption of the bamboo inserts was no longer sufficient for their baby's needs.
We are proud to announce that all LPO diapers* now have the new generation inserts. These inserts have an absorption of 6.5 oz (192ml) compared to the old inserts only having an absorption of 4.5 oz.
This change will allow more families to take advantage of the bamboo inserts that come with pocket diapers without having to buy more!


Which diapers have the new generation inserts?


  • All pocket diapers at regular price on lapetiteourse.ca
  • All pocket diapers made since July 2020
  • Your favourite diaper-prints at our retailers most likely have the new inserts!*

Try them with your next purchase! The new absorbency of our bamboo inserts might surprise you!

As all parents who already use pocket diapers know, it is possible to insert the number of inserts that suits your baby's needs! Some opt for only 1 insert during the first weeks of their baby's life and slowly increase the absorption of the diaper by adding a second insert!

It is also possible to create a combination between several types of inserts to put together the advantages of each one of them!

Here are some popular insert combination “recipes”!

1x bamboo + 1x microfiber

One of the most popular combinations is certainly 1 bamboo insert with 1 microfiber insert. It is interesting to place the inserts in this order: microfiber on top and bamboo below. The microfiber insert has the advantage of absorbing faster than bamboo in addition to drying quickly. The bamboo insert, for its part, is very absorbent and does not relax under compression. Thus, the advantages of these 2 types of inserts complement each other perfectly to offer maximum comfort to the baby.


2x bamboo

Many parents find that 2 bamboo inserts suits their baby’s needs just perfectly. Bamboo is known for its great absorption power. Thus, by putting 2 bamboo inserts in the pocket diaper, the absorption is doubled.


1x trifold


The LPO trifold has been designed to overcome frequent leaks due to a lack of absorption. This insert has 2 parts that can be used together or separately depending on the baby's needs. Made of 3 layers of 320 gsm bamboo as well as a microfiber booster, it is a practical and super-absorbent insert (15 oz)

* Only full-priced diapers have the new generation of bamboo inserts.
* We cannot guarantee which diapers our retailers have that contain the new inserts, except our newest collections


  • Posted on by Marie-Eve


    Comment différencier les inserts de 4,5 oz des inserts de 6,5 oz? Y a-t-il une différence dans leur apparence ou leur étiquette?

  • Posted on by Priscille
    Bonjour, j’ai passé une commande la semaine passée et je voudrais savoir si elle avait la nouvelle génération d’inserts.

    Aussi, je trouve ces couches fantastiques. Merci

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