Essentials for travelling with a Baby : Cloth Diapering Edition



Something that may hold some parents back from using cloth diapers is that it seems complex to go out or travel with them. Here is the ultimate traveller's guide to cloth diapers to ease your concerns!

When having all the necessary accessories, using cloth diapers when travelling is very similar to using them back at home! 

Here is a list of things to bring with you on a trip:

An average of 7 cloth diapers per day. This number can change depending on your baby's age and needs. We advise you to rely on your average usage at home!



DAlso, it might be worth opting for diaper covers instead of pocket diapers or all-in-ones if you think that they could easily meet your baby's needs. Since the diaper cover is only the outer part of the diaper, it is the option that takes up the least space in luggages. All you need to do is bring some diaper covers with you as well as the number of inserts needed for everyday use. Plus, if the baby is only peeing, it's even possible to simply change the inserts inside without changing the diaper cover as well (if it hasn't been soiled, of course). This way you can maximise the number of times your diaper cover is used.

About one wet bag per day. We have small wet bags in addition to the double opening wet bags that are specially handy when you are on the go.


We recommend that you bring disposable (biodegradable) liners with you to remove the stool easily.


Here are some tips and reminders to put on your prep list!

1. ote that we recommend washing your soiled diapers every 2 to 3 days. Some parents prefer to wash the diapers in a more spaced interval. That decision is up to you, but the longer you wait to wash cloth diapers, the more likely they are to develop odours and other problems associated with poor maintenance.

2. If you can get more information on the washing machines available during your vacation, their type of water and the detergent provided, this will allow you to adjust yourself accordingly! You can also bring with you the ideal detergent to take good care of your cloth diapers even if you are not at home.

3. We are well aware of the challenge of cloth diapers when travelling. Even if you opt to only partially use cloth diapers, remember that using a cloth diaper one time still represents one less disposable diaper in landfills!

We hope these tips will help you for your upcoming trips!

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