Municipal Grants: Your purchase of LPO diapers could be fully reimbursed!


Good news! It might cost you nothing to purchase your LPO diapers. Thanks to the initiatives put in place by several cities wishing to encourage more environmentally friendly practices, a lot of people have access to municipal grants.

Not only are parents able to save a considerable amount of money by switching to cloth diapers, they can also have part of or even all of their purchase of cloth diapers reimbursed by their city. This is by far a more economical option if we compare it to traditional disposable diapers!  

Here are some statistics to have a little bit of fun!
A child uses approximately 6 000 disposable diapers in his life (from birth to potty training). Disposable diapers, on the other hand, cost on average $0.30 each. Which seems to represent a rather accessible and inexpensive item. However, this price multiplied by the number of diapers used can represent an expense of more than $1,800 (plus taxes).

However, a family that opts instead for cloth diapers will have to pay a larger amount to start, but this amount will quickly be more advantageous than the previous option! To understand better, we need to consider the following things:

  • La Petite Ourse offers a quantity discount of 10% off the purchase of 10 or more diapers;
  • Pocket diapers and AIO diapers usually retail at $17.99 each;
  • A child needs between20 to 24 diapers to allow a reasonable rotation between washes.

If a family decides to buy 24 LPO diapers today, they could pay a total (tax included) of less than $410. . Not to mention that a set of cloth diapers can easily be passed on to a second child!

Not only is the cloth diaper option less than a third of the evaluated price for disposable diapers, several cities are offering families the opportunity to get a grant of up to $200 per child.

So it may pay off to opt for cloth diapers for your child!
To find out if your city offers a grant for the purchase of cloth diapers,

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