Top Savings Tips – New Parents Edition


Are you expecting the arrival of a new baby in the family? Whether you've been ready for a long time or not, this news will have an impact on your lifestyle, but also on your wallet! Did you know that the cost of a baby represents 20 to 25% of the family budget?

To manage to offer everything baby will need, without breaking the bank, here are some practical and simple tips to apply.

 Here are some tips that will save you big!

Make sure you don't spend on products that won't serve you. If you're hesitant, wait as it's the best way to save. 



Depending on what you're looking for, there are several ways to save. First, ask yourself the right questions. For example, it's okay to ask, "Does the stroller need to be lightweight so that you can easily bring it with you on the third floor? or "Does it have to be small, to fit through public transportation doors?" ". Once you have established your criteria, let's tackle the savings! The best way to save is to shop on second-hand product sales sites. You can make significant savings by buying used. You can even find the model of your dreams at a fraction of the price by planning ahead!

Be aware that a number of parents buy strollers, which for several reasons may not appeal to them when they start using it. You can usually find good strollers, in good condition, at a fraction of the price on classified ad sites. If you do not want to turn to the purchase of a used stroller, planning ahead is the best option for shopping during the big annual sales. Discounts ranging from 20-40% are not uncommon in specialty stores, especially if you shop during the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales.


Disposable diapers are among the biggest expenses when it comes to planning for baby's arrival. Did you know that a baby will need between 5500 and 6500 disposable diapers from birth to cleanliness? Depending on the type and brand of diaper used, it may cost you $1500 to $3000 per child. To make significant savings, turning to washable diapers is a wise choice. A new set of cloth diapers and accessories can cost as little as 500$. Added to this are subsidies offered by certain municipalities allowing you to reduce your bill of $100, sometimes even $200*. In addition, cloth diapers can be used without problem by siblings, or be resold later. These are other good reasons to opt for this alternative!

Knowing that each layer takes between 300 to 500 years to decompose and that this product is one of the three most thrown away products with newspapers and food containers, the cloth diaper option also becomes a more eco-friendly option for the future of our children.



More stuff!

We have just seen the two most important expense items as the baby approaches. By following these tips, you can save $3,000 and more (per child!).

Now let's see some more loose tips:

  • Watch for discounts in flyers or online offers.
  • Use sites or businesses that allow you to make gift registry lists. Some of these places offer discounts, or even free products.
  • Make sure you don't spend on products that won't serve you. If you're hesitant, wait, it's the best way to save.
  • Rotate toys and books with your friends; make bins that you will exchange each month with friends who have children of the same age. Baby will be happy to find new toys regularly, or to find a toy that he particularly liked! 
  • Ask questions of the parents around you. They will be able to inform you about which products have never been used, as well as their essential favourites. The answers may surprise you!
  • Finally, do not neglect the classified ads for clothes, toys, decorations, furniture and so on! Baby is growing so fast, many of these items are practically brand new and you can get them for a portion of the price.
With all this information, you are now ready to save! Happy shopping.
*To validate if your city offers a subsidy, Click here.

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