A donation worth over $ 67,000 for women in Montérégie


As you may already know, La Petite Ourse is committed to developing and making reusable products as accessible as possible. Even though we mainly specialize in cloth diapers, it was important for us to make washable feminine hygiene products available on our online store for anyone experimenting menstrual cycles.

This summer, we were honored to be contacted by Moisson Rive-Sud in order to take part in one of their many initiatives. Moisson Rive-Sud is the main food bank in Montérégie. They ensure food security in addition to improving the quality of life of the vulnerable population.


During summer 2021, the food bank developed a campaign called Dites NON à la précarité féminine (Say NO to female precariousness) to improve access to feminine hygiene products. This campaign is particularly consistent with La Petite Ourse’s values

To continue our support to people experimenting menstrual cycles, La Petite Ourse donated washable hygiene pads valued over $67,000 to Moisson Rive-Sud. This donation will allow many people in precarious situations to be able to take better care of their personal hygiene and be more comfortable during their menstrual cycles. We sincerely hope that this donation will bring relief to womxn who unfortunately had to choose between food and hygiene.

If you would like to discover more of our implications of the past few years, feel free to visit our Community Involvement tab.

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